The latest innovations in machine tools technology have helped fabricators improve productivity and efficiency and cut costs. In addition to the obvious advantages, electric technologies make for a cleaner, quieter, and more environmentally friendly shop floor. Add to that the stress relief that comes from less maintenance, higher accuracy, and fewer hassles, and it’s easy to see why electric machines technologies are catching on.

  • Accurate and fully efficiency (no needing adjustments because of changes in oil temperature)
  • Deliver much faster cycle time
  • Clean and quiet operation
  • Making shop more productive and more profitable
  • More than 50% saving energy costs (eliminates hydraulic pumps and needs for hydraulic oil)
  • Maintenance-free (no need filters, valves, pumps, tanks, seals, oil)
  • Environmentally friendly (no risk of polluting oil)

Japanese-German joint venture, bringing us the best of both countries technology values. Machines assembled in Asia to offer rock bottom prices.

The bridge frame design offers superior rigidity and stability. This coupled with highly accurate punching control makes these machines suitable for high speed punching, forming and embossing applications, as well as Wilson wheel type applications such as pinching wheels, slitting wheels and forming operations.

  • Servo drive, servo motor, ballscrew, linear guide are from famous brands
  • Down stroking, Electric closed loop servo controlled
  • Two axis independent ram control (Y1 & Y2 axes)
  • High Speed, CNC backgauge (X & R axes), two finger stops are standard
  • Worktable with mechanical crowning system and deformation compenstion device on throat
  • Backgauge is driven by digital AC servo motor, moved by precision ballscrew, guided by linear guide