Yawei Nisshinbo + Ketec = Big Success

    At Compa Sibiu (www.compa.ro), one of the biggest company exporting in Romania, our service team has recently finalized installing two machines from the well-known company Yawei - Nisshinbo: a CNC turret punch model HPI-3044 and a CNC press brake model PBH 220-3100. The HPI-03044 was equipped with tooling from Ketec and together can guarantee a high standard production for a very long time.


The HPI-3044 CNC Turret Punch Press provides remarkable productivity for the components that have many perforations or require many punches. It is able to punch 4 mm in stainless steel and 6.35 mm in carbon steel and has vast tooling potential for an increased versatility. This translates into an ability to produce a variety of components without re-tooling. This results in significant savings in production costs and a noticeable increase in productivity.

690 holes with embosing in steel plate in less than 6 minutes 60% in saving time compare to before..

Complex parts that required multiple cutting operations on many machines in tha past are now performed on one machine only, with a minimum effort and in one cutting process. Operations such as drilling, blanking, forming, marking, bending, contour cutting are only a few types of operations performed on this machine.

KETEC save 30-50% of your punching tool budget

Ketec is one of the biggest company in the world specialized in punch press tooling which offers a very large series of tools for all types of punching processes. High quality products and a very good price-quality ratio make KETEC the best partner for Turret Press Punching machines.

PBH 220-3100

Known for accurate results and high efficiency the PBH 220-3100 CNC press brake is the best choice for high speed production and high quality products. With the Crowning Compensation system as standard on this machine, the best results are guaranteed in all working conditions.

The first Yawei Nisshinbo CNC Press Brake installed in Moldova

    In May, Moldagrotehnica (www.moldagrotehnica.md), the biggest company in agricultural machinery from Moldova, installed and put into operation the first Yawei-Nisshinbo CNC Press Brake, model PBH 220-3100. The success of Yawei-Nisshinbo in Romania, as well as the excellent machines quality has determined the management of Moldagrotehnica to decide in favor of this brand. The high reliability, stability, accuracy, the modern design and the use of components that include the latest technology are only a few of the characteristics that make the Yawei-Nisshinbo machines appreciated worldwide.

PBH 220-3100

  • Full loop electro-hydraulic servo control
  • HOERBIGER, Germany hydraulic system
  • High bending force: 2000kN
  • Bending lenght: 3100 mm
  • Mechanical fast clamping of upper tool
  • Two sides door-type safety guard and rear safety guard with rear door
  • Worktable equipped with automatic CNC controlling hydraulic crowning system
  • Two HEIDENHAIN linear scales installed
  • CNC system: Delem DA65W

The installation of the bending machine model PBH 220-3100 will lead to an increase oh the product quality, a shortening of production times and to an efficiency boost. The versatility of these machines, as well as the large range of tools that can be mounted result in a diversification of the production and, implicitly, to a reduction of costs with the renewal of technology.

The working table is composed by 3 parts, among which the middle part is the main working table, and the other two are used for hydraulic crowning throught the lower working table.
The pressure for the hydraulic crowning is set automatically, after the length and thickness of the sheet, to be bent has beeen programmed into the Controller. The triple robust steel plates that are assembled like a “sandwich”, work with hydraulic crowning system - ensures an even bending angle across the entire length of the bend.