VOITH - high dynamic punching system


German H+L hydraulic ram-head, stroke adjusted system and pressure is kept stable during the whole stroke with overload protection of oil pressure. Quality hydraulics ensuring performance stability, reliability and lower noise.

Turret & Index Tools (Made in Japan)


Thick turret structure, better guiding and higher precision. Keeping touch index tool position, higher precision and efficiency, driven by worm wheel, which is soaked in oil less wore away and longer life.

Lower Die Rapid Unloading


Lower die rapid loading and unloading accurately, rapidly and convenient.

Hardened Die Bush


Turret adopts a sleeve structure, prolonging the working life. The die bush has a hardened surface, good anti-wear properties and easy to change without dismounting the entire turret like other brands.

These advanced presses handle workpieces at high speed by combining a dynamic, high-speed hydraulic ram with a large, versatile turret and innovative table design that delivers up to a 75 percent productivity increase over other methods.